Vacation Destination, Rome(II)

Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the birthplaces of world culture. It has deposited thousands of historical relics and rich cultural heritage. It was built on 7 Hills between the Tiber river and destroyed several times. The relics of ancient Rome are magnificent, and these relics make us thoughts thronged our mind and Indulge in pleasures without stop.Steel Pipe

Rome, an ancient name, is known as the “city of the cites” because of its glorious history, the glory of the Roman Empire, the supremacy of the Catholic Church constitutes the glory of Rome for nearly 2,500 years. Rome is the world’s Catholic Center, a world cultural capital and a world famous historical and cultural city. There are 24 bridges across Tiber river. The population is 2 million 830 thousand according to statistics in 1988. In early two thousand BC, the Romans moved from the northeast to this. From eight BC to the 4th century BC, the castle was gradually formed into an early Rome city.

Cuisine and Food

Eating out is one of Rome’s great pleasures and the combination of romantic alfresco settings and excellent food is a guarantee of good times. These are where the locals go to dine with family or best friends and satisfy their passion for crispy pizzas, humble pastas, Western-style beef and cool white wines. Enjoying the feast after travel around the Rome city for whole day.

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