The Investigation and Analysis of Bermuda Triangle

Kusche is a librarian at Arizona State University. When the flight event happened on the 19th, many students asked him for the information on the Bermuda Triangle, which made him confused. So he proceeded to study previous reports. Kusche’s research shows that there are many mistakes and contradictions in the statements of Berlitz, as well as the accounts of witnesses, participants, and involved persons. He also noted that the relevant information of the case was not described. In 1975, Larry Kusche came to a completely different conclusion. Kusher decided to investigate the claims made by these articles and books. He found a book he had published called “The Puzzle of the Bermuda Triangle – Solved.” Kuscher carefully studied the records that were ignored by other authors. He found that many anomalies are not at all surprising. Whenever a storm is coming, writers who follow the Bermuda Triangle can often record that ships or planes will disappear in “calm seas.” Although the ship “mysteriously disappeared”, they actually found their wreckage and the reason for their sinking. The book was considered by the US Coast Guard, Lloyd’s of London, and many authoritative academic institutions to be a definitive interpretation of the mysterious phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle.galvanized steel tubing suppliers In this book, Kusche enumerates ten conclusions:

  1. After finding enough information, most accidents can be reasonably explained and not mysterious. For example, some have encountered hurricanes, some have deficiencies in the hull structure and bad weather, and these have been concluded in the investigation report afterwards.
  2. In some legendary “accidents”, the key details, and even the entire accident, are fictitious.
  3. Some accidents that occurred elsewhere were also counted in the Bermuda Triangle. The most famous one was the shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean in 1902 and the air crash in Ireland in 1951, all of which were taken in the Bermuda Triangle accident.
  4. The routes of some of the missing vessels passed through the Bermuda Triangle, but we do not know if they were missing there.
  5. In many cases, the disappearance of a vessel or aircraft is almost completely unknown, and the searcher has to be asked to find a vast sea area.
  6. When many accidents occurred, people at that time did not think that there were mysteries, but after many years, those who held mysterious phenomena began to count them into mysterious accidents when they were looking for evidence. At this time, it is generally difficult to fully understand the details of the accident that occurred many years ago.
  7. Contrary to the legend, in the event of many accidents, the weather is very bad. In several accidents, the hurricane should be responsible.
  8. Many accidents occurred in the afternoon or at night, so that the rescuers had to wait until the next morning to see the scene. Therefore, the sea had an overnight night to destroy the scene and it was difficult to find the wreckage.


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