Moscow Kremlin(II)

Main building

Located in the center of Moscow, Russia, the Kremlin is one of the symbols of Russia. Around the Kremlin is a group of magnificent and ingeniously designed buildings such as Red Square and Church Square. In addition, there are also the Shumiyuan (Commission of Military Affairs) built in the 18th century A.D., and the Great Kremlin and the Museum of Weapons in the 19th century A.D. Every building contains the unparalleled wisdom of the Russian people, and it is a rare masterpiece in the history of world architecture.

The Great Kremlin is one of the main buildings in the Kremlin.Steel Tube Manufacturers  Inside the walls of the Kremlin, the Great Kremlin is a beautiful building with three high windows facing the Moscow River. It was built on the site of the Old Palace from 1839 to 1849. It is connected by the old Andrevsky Hall and the Aleksandrovsky Hall. The appearance of the Kremlin is classical Russian style. The halls are all of various architectural styles, coordinated and magnificently decorated. In the middle of the palace is an attic decorated with various patterns, with a bronze dome up to 13 meters above the main building, and a flagpole standing side by side. On holidays, the national flag is raised. The interior of the Kremlin is rectangular, with 700 halls with a total area of 20,000 square meters surrounded by terraces upstairs.

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