House Built Will Follow The Methods(II)


The Basement, Slab and Crawl space are three basic systems of houses. In wet and coastal areas, houses are sometimes built on pillars.Steel Pipe Suppliers


A house with a basement begins with an eight-foot-deep hole. At the bottom of the tunnel is a concrete slab, and then concrete or cinder block walls form the basement wall. In fact, in most cases, the basement is divided into three parts: beams, then walls, and then panels inside walls.



Slab is probably the easiest foundation to build. It is a concrete slab directly poured on the ground. On-site preparation work is very little, concrete form-work is very little, and the production labor force is very little.


Crawl Space

In most cases, the crawling space is composed of cinder blocks and bricks. It is much cheaper than the basement, and the price is comparable to the floor. Pipeline works and pipes can operate in crawling spaces, which means that they are easy to repair and move throughout the life of the house. It lifts the house from the ground.

Floor and Wall, then Roof

The framing crew is the next group of people on the site. They start by building the floor (unless the house uses a slab foundation, in which case the slab is the floor). Next, the frame group starts on the wall. The walls are assembled on the floor and then lifted in place. The roof frame of the house is trussed. If roof frames without trusses are actually quite complex. Except for the simplest roof, the angles of everything become intricate.